Safety Regulatory Inspection Services

• Steam Pressure Equipment

• Gas Pressure Equipment

• Fuel gas Pipelines

• Liquid Hydrocarbon Pipelines

• Gas Piping in th industrial fields

• Electrical installations in the industrial fields

• Lifting devices & Elevators

• Fire Fignting System

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Nondestructive Testing

• Industrial Radiographic Testing

• Magnetic particle inspection

• Dye Penetrant inspection

• Ultrasonic Testing

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Welding Inspection

• Supervision of welding works

• Assistance in the development of welding procedures

• Approval of welding procedures

• Qualification of welding procedures.

• Approval & Qualification of welders.

• welding machines check

• Expertise in welding techniques

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Expertise & Technical Support

• Advice, assistance and training

• Compliance Check of equipment with specifications Client

• Monitoring, verification and supervision of metal construction works

• Development of technical specifications and procedures

• Provision of qualified personnel

• Management of technical shutdowns

• Quality Assurance / Quality Control

• Energy Auditing

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Advanced NDT

•Ferrite content measurement

•TOFD ultrasonic testing

•PAUT Inspection

•MFL inspection

•Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT)

•A-Scan & B-Scan

•Positive Material Identification (PMI)

• Acoustic emission Testing

• Eddy current Testing

• Thermographic inspection

• Videoendoscopy for Visual Testing

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Inspection Engineering

• Preparation & approval of technical procedures

• Preparation & approval of technical drawings

• Preparation & approval of calculation notes

• Pressure vessel Inspection according to API 510

• Piping inspection according to API 570

• Storage Tank inspection according to API 653

• Fitness for service Assessment (FFS )according to API 579

• Risk Based Inspections (RBI) according to API 580

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